1980 Feather Professional BMX Part 3

The decision is made. I am going with the black Ukai rims and black Sunshine hubs.

Black Ukai BMX rims and black Sunshine hubs

1980 Feather Professional BMX Part 2

I’ve got the majority of the parts laid out with a few decisions to make along the way.

1980 Fuji Feather BMX Parts

One of the very distinct parts on the Fuji Feather Professional BMX bikes is the Tange Meriter headset. These are semi-sealed and were a very high-end part in the mid and late 1970’s.

Tange Meriter MX Pro headset

When acquiring a Tange Meriter headset one of the most often damaged parts is the top-nut. I must have 10 headsets and probably 5 good top-nuts, 2 bad top-nuts, and 1 unusable. If you ever find these top-nuts at a swap, buy them!

Tange Meriter MX Pro headset top-nut

Another very distinct part to the Feather Professional BMX is the curved Ishiwata fork.

Fuji - Ishiwata BMX fork

Fuji Feather Professional Ishiwata fork

One of the most distinguishing features of the Fuji Feather Professional is the Ishiwata fork. They are so unique there is no mistaking the fork if you happen to discover one. However, most the forks I have been able to acquire are too worn at the dropouts and the “Ishiwata” text engraving is gone.

fuji feather professional ishiwata fork

Fuji Feather Professional BMX fork


Ishiwata Stamp on dropout


Notice tapered fork tube and curvature

Notice tapered fork tube and curvature


It seems many people replaced the original forks with something after-market. I’m not sure if this is due to breakage or the unusual geometry. Both the frame and fork tubing of the Fuji Feather Professional were stamped and manufactured by Ishiwata Seisakusho Co. LTD. in Japan.

 Ishiwata Seisakusho Co. LTD.

Ishiwata Seisakusho Co. LTD.