Nitto B701 and B702 BMX handlebars

It’s taken years to finally find an official picture of the Nitto B702 bars listed as the stock part on the Feather Professionals from 1980 on. But finally, here they are! I found these in the 1980 Japan’s Bicycle Guide catalog which is a goldmine of vintage Japanese bicycle parts.

Nitto B701 & B702 BMX Handlebars

The B702 handlebars, with the distinct concave crossbar, look very similar if not identical to the aluminum WIN branded handlebars that seem to be more common to find. Next task is to pick up a set of the WIN handlebars and see if the stated measurements match.


Chain guard for the 83 Fuji Cruiser

One of the missing parts on my 1983 Fuji Cruiser was the chain-guard. After a few trial and error purchases, I found a perfect fit it. Pictured below is a chain guard and mounting kit available on ebay for $17 plus shipping.

Chain guard that fits a 1983 Fuji Cruiser

The chain guard on the 1983 cruiser was painted white on the front face. I taped off the face with some blue painters tape and used an exacto knife to cut around the curve. With a primer base and then a couple coats of gloss white you can create yourself a very nice replica. I also worked on recreating the “Cruiser” decal that would have been on there.

1983 Fuji Cruiser Chain-guard replica

I then discovered that VeloCals had created an 83 Fuji Cruiser decal set. I’m a bit confused however regarding the standard and mixte option, as there was no mixte version of the cruiser. I have ordered but not yet received a set, so I’m yet to see how accurate the recreation is.

Velocals 1983 FUJI Cruiser decal set



1983 Fuji Cruiser


1983 Fuji Cruiser Catalog Page

The 1983 Fuji Cruiser was offered only in the 1983 and only in a 19″ frame. You had a choice of white or black. It was equipped with largely BMX related components, except for the seat and handles bars. In the BMX world this would be referred to as a 26″ cruiser however, in the BMX world cruisers typically had straight-back drop-outs and not the road style as seen on the Fuji Cruiser.


1983 Fuji Cruiser as-found

The Fuji Cruiser pictured above was acquired a couple years and so far is the only one I have ever seen come up for sale. I’m guessing in relative terms, few of these were sold and even fewer remain. The bike had most of the original parts minus the cranks, pedals, chain wheel, front tire and chain-guard (you gotta have the chain-guard right!?). Also the seat-tube decal is missing.

*UPDATE* You can now see photos of the completed 83 Fuji Cruiser in the bicycle gallery here

Fuji Feather Professional Ishiwata fork

One of the most distinguishing features of the Fuji Feather Professional is the Ishiwata fork. They are so unique there is no mistaking the fork if you happen to discover one. However, most the forks I have been able to acquire are too worn at the dropouts and the “Ishiwata” text engraving is gone.

fuji feather professional ishiwata fork

Fuji Feather Professional BMX fork


Ishiwata Stamp on dropout


Notice tapered fork tube and curvature

Notice tapered fork tube and curvature


It seems many people replaced the original forks with something after-market. I’m not sure if this is due to breakage or the unusual geometry. Both the frame and fork tubing of the Fuji Feather Professional were stamped and manufactured by Ishiwata Seisakusho Co. LTD. in Japan.

 Ishiwata Seisakusho Co. LTD.

Ishiwata Seisakusho Co. LTD.