What’s a 1964 Schwinn Jaguar Mark V worth?


Photo taken from SchwinnCruisers.com

This weekend someone asked if I wanted to purchase a 1964 Schwinn Jaguar Mark V that had been discovered in an attic; it had been stored there for 34 years.

I certainly gave it some thought, but decided against it for two reasons. 1. I have a rule; if it’s not my size or I can’t ride it, I can’t buy it and 2. They are selling it for an old lady, thus, I’d rather not try and get some super deal, but rather help them maximize their sales price.

So, I researched documented sales history (in real-estate you’d call this comps) and here’s what I found between 2011 and 2014. I could only find 6 sales that I could back-up. The highest sales price being $729.95, and the lowest being $300. The highest sales price is deceiving as it was an auction with free shipping. So, the next highest, without free shipping was $680. Add in actual shipping and packing and the $680 can easily exceed the $729 sale. By the way, none of the other sales offered free shipping. I’m not going to dig into what accessories or options each bike had, however, they all appeared to be in very good shape, none were rust-buckets that I could see. I also did not see an increase or decrease in prices, there was high and low sales in each year.

In summary between 2011 and 2014
Average selling price: $500.96
Median selling price: $452.50
High: $680 ($729.95*)
Low: $300
*Sale with free shipping