Vintage Regina freewheel removal tool

As you may have noticed, I collect a lot of Japanese bicycles. So, when it came time to remove the vintage Regina freewheel from the whee/Phil Wood hub that came on my 1975 Schwinn Paramount, my tool box came up blank. I didn’t have the correct freewheel removal too. What a bummer that was! Then, to test my patience just a bit more, my Prime membership also failed me, and it took the tool a week to get here.

Vintage Regina Freewheel removal tool

I took a gamble on the tool, as my search of forums etc., didn’t come up with a definitive answer as to which freewheel removal tool I was going to need. That’s the reason for this post. So, hopefully this post will gain some traction in the search engines and you won’t have to search long to figure this out.




I purchased the “Var Freewheel Remover For Old Type Cyclo And 4, 5 And 6 Speed Regina 2 Notch Freewheels” on I know, based on the description it seems like an easy find…

Var RL-18800-C Freewheel Remover tool

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